Woody's Roundup Barn

Logo Date: 1960 (Seen on the show)

Logo: On a black and white western backround, We see a black and white barn with Woody's on the top of the logo appering with Woddy's face. Below is the text ROUNDUP and the logo dissapears with Jessie yodelling and the animals stay beyond Jessie.

Music/Sounds: An announcer saying "COWBOY CRUNCHIES, The only cereal that's sugar puffed and dipped in chocolate, Proudly presents..." and a Western style theme song plays, Then, Men sing "Woody's Roundup, C,mon, Its time to play, There's Jessie the yodelling cowgirl, Yodellodellodellodelde! Bullseye, He's Woody's horse, He's a smart one, Pete the old prospector, And the man himself of corse. C,mon, It's time for Sherrif Woody, He's the very best, He's the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the, Wild, Wild west! Woody's Rounduuuuuuup!".

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