This wiki didn't have anyone looking after it for quite a while because of all the problems that have cropped up over the past couple of years. Some of those problems were still ongoing, so I talked with the person who created this wiki and requested admin rights. This will allow me to clean up those problems.

I am going to start with deleting of some of the pages. They will be for subjects that we need, but unfortunately, due to the amount of vandalism and false information that is in the history of the page, it would take too long to sort out what is correct and what is false.

I normally don't do things this way because of dealing with a person a few years ago whose attitude was "If it isn't complete and perfect the instant it's created, we have to get rid of it and start over." In this case, we are going to start over because allowing the false information to remain inside the page history would be kind of rewarding them for their vandalism and bad behavior, which had four main points:

  • A company changed their name because he decided they changed their name.
  • A company bought another company because he decided they would buy that other company.
  • A company shut down because he decided the company shut down.
  • He would attack anyone who disagreed with him with some fairly violent statements.

So, if you see a page is gone that you had been working on, this is why.

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