Warner Cable Communications


Warner Cable was a forerunner to Time Warner Cable; this logo used Warner Bros' 1972-era "Big W" logo.

Time Warner Cable


Time Warner Cable

In 1990, Warner Cable changed its name to Time Warner Cable when its parent Warner Communications merged with Time Inc. to form Time Warner, and incorporated the eye-ear logo (an element borrowed from the Time Warner logo released for the merger) for the first time.


Time Warner Cable logo

On September 17, 2010, 'Time Warner Cable introduced an updated logo. The eye-ear symbol was kept, but was redrawn, and the font was changed. The agency behind the refresh was The Brand Union. It's new slogan "ENJOY BETTER" was launched as well.

Time Warner Cable
Internet properties: Time Warner Cable Internet

Cable services: Oceanic Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable News: Austin | Buffalo | Capital Region | Central New York | North Carolina | NY1 (Noticias) | Rochester | San Antonio

Cable sports channels: Time Warner Cable SportsChannel (Kansas City) | SportsNet New York (part ownership) | Time Warner Cable SportsChannel Ohio | Time Warner Cable SportsChannel (Upstate New York) | Time Warner SportsChannel (Milwaukee & Eastern Wisconsin) | Time Warner Cable SportsNet / Time Warner Cable Deportes (part ownership) | MLB Network (minority stake)

Local/regional channels TW3 (Albany) | TWC TV | Oc 16

Time Warner Cable logo

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