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Satellite Television 1982

Sky1 has its origins in Satellite Television, a Pan-European television channel originating in London. It was launched in April 1982 and was initially only available to 70,000 homes in Norway and Finland.

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Skych closedown a

Satellite Television was soon renamed Sky Channel after Rupert Murdoch had bought a majority of the company.


Skychannel ident1989a-01

In February 1989, Rupert Murdoch launched a big push for Direct Broadcast Satellite which involved launching four channels on Astra satellite, which could be easily received with domestic satellites dishes. Sky Channel was one of those channels, the others were Sky News, Sky Movies and Eurosport. this logo was short-lived.


Skychannel ident2 1989a-01

A new logo was launched in 1989, but this did not last long as the channel was renamed Sky One on July 30th 1989.

Sky One (First Era)Edit


Skyone ident 1989a

Sky Channel was renamed Sky One a few months after the launch on Astra.


Skyone 1990 identb


Skyone ident 1994a

All Sky channels were rebranded in 1992. The US firm Novocom was behind the new graphics.


Sky one 1995 96 logo-11264
Yet another new look from Novocom was launched in 1995.

Sky 1 (First Era)Edit


With the launch of Sky 2 in September 1996, Sky One briefly rebranded itself as Sky 1 until 1997 which the name Sky 1 stayed unused until 11 years later.

Sky One (Second Era)Edit


Sky one 1997

Sky 2 was closed down in 1997 and Replaced by National Geographic, and Sky One reverted back to the old spelling of the name and adopted a new corporate look.


Sky One 1998

A new look for Sky One was launched on 31 May 1998.[1] With this look, Sky departed from the pattern from the last years where the entire company would rebrand at the same time with similar look. Instead, Sky One departed to create its own identity based on filmed idents.


Sky One 2002

On 9 December 2002, Sky One launched their new logo along with new idents. Sky One again gained a sister channel, Sky One Mix, which was intended as a "catch-up" channel, screening repeats of key Sky One programmes later in the same week.


Sky One

Sky1 (Second Era)Edit



Sky1, Sky2, which was revived back again, and Sky all gained a new look on the 31st August 2008. Sky1 Used Blue Solids for their idents.


Sky1 logo 2011

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