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1st Logo (1995-1998)

Nicknames: "The Blue Curtains" "Sign of Doom" "Coming Soon on Sesame Street"

Logo: We see a blue curtain with signs rotated, duplicated all around, and the text "COMING SOON" replaces the signs but with a white circle with the text "ON" inside it, And the Sesame Street sign is next to it, with the sign's top changed to a semi circle (From the CTW 1997 logo) with the text "cTw" inside it. The curtains open to Big Bird saying "Coming soon on Sesame Street" and then looks at the red screen zooming in, or out when the preview ends. Big Bird then says "Hello!" and the curtains close with the Sesame Street sign zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A magestic theme with a beep when the text appears, and a xylophone playing in reverse when the curtains open.