For the Croatian television channel, see STV (Croatia).


STV logo

On 30 May 1980, the Scottish TV and Grampian TV names were replaced by the new common brand STV. The new identity was created by STV and Elmwood Design in Edinburgh.[1]

"The new brand positioning is based on a vision to be Scotland’s essential source of information and entertainment. The identity is based on a contemporary blue ‘s’, which hints at bringing all of Scotland together whilst reflecting both the new positioning and the heritage of the Scottish TV brand. (...)
A range of new on-screen idents combine new faces with stunning locations across the country to represent a fresh, contemporary Scotland, centred on the blue letter ‘s’ which will become the symbol of the stations." - Elmwood Design


STV logo 2009

STV got a new look on 23 March 2009. The new logo and idents were created by Bruce Dunlop and Associates.[2][3]


STV 2014

On 2 June 2013. DixonBaxi's rebrand of STV was on-air with new endboards, logos, etc. This time, we now see an outline.

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