ABC The Lissajous Curve Thingy 15+ Edit

April–September 2017 Edit


ABC The Lissajous Curve Thingy 15+ was a 15 year-old aiming channel, and it was launched in April 2017.

L.J. 15+ Edit

September–November 2017 Edit

ABC15 217
ABC The Lissajous Curve Thingy 15+ was renamed to L.J. 15+ and a new look was introduced in September 2017. Later on, it was closed to make more room for L.J. Kids, that later began in December.

L.J. Kids (first era) Edit

2017 (pilot) Edit

Replacing L.J. 15+, the channel renamed itself to L.J. Kids and this was only a pilot logo in September 2017.

ABC The Lissajous Curve Thingy Kids Edit

2017 (pre-launch) Edit

The logo was created by ZombiethekidRUS in October 2017 and it was known as "ABC The Lissajous Curve Thingy Kids". It was only a pre-launch campaign before it was renamed to L.J. Kids for a reveal on October 23.

L.J. Kids (second era) Edit



L.J. Kids is a channel which uploads many kids' content.

Both L.J. Comedy & L.J. Kids logos were created by ZombiethekidRUS on October 7, 2017 and were revealed on October 23. The channel is aimed at 0-15 year old children and was launched on December 1, 2017. It will not be getting its new logo alongside L.J. Comedy.

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