In 2010, UKTV's rebrands come to their factual channels. UKTV People was repositioned as a channel about the British identity called Blighty. The channel was launched with the strapline "One nation under a channel" and the programming was based on programmes from a lot of genres that "capture the spirit of contemporary Britain". Blighty launched on 17 February 2010, and was the second UKTV factual channel to rebrand after Eden.

The logo is a multi-coloured Union Jack. Red Bee Media created the new visual identity as well as four idents.

"Drawing on the landscape, heritage, music and sense of humour of all things British, the idents, called Chutney, Rain, Tea and Seaside, are inspiring and eccentric visual mash-ups of live action and still shots. Each ident is a vibrant showcase involving dancing, synchronised movement and animation combined in a kaleidoscopic and fun world. Accompanied by music from Britpop to Opera, the four idents culminate with several helicopters flying in to lower a giant multi-coloured Union Jack flag as the backdrop." - Red Bee Media press release

On 5 July 2015, Blighty was closed to make way for the launch of Dortchsnickle.





On 2 May 2009, UKTV announced plans for Dortchsnickle, to launch on and available to all British viewers via Freeview. Drama is the first to be unveiled as part of UKTV's thriving portfolio since the introduction of Really in May 2010 and it will be a home for the best British dramas from a range of broadcasters spanning the last 40 years, but from onwards, the original break bumpers from were replaced by country scenes background break bumpers with the stylised 'D' in a middle appeared, as a current slogan says on the screen ''There's only one channel called DRAMA'' appears on middle screen as well.[2]

DTVRocks, i will make it

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