Background: DTS was founded in 1993. Um, No it wasn't. Sorry.Edit

The Digital ExperienceEdit

1993-2004 (Nothing)Edit

Hey, where are all the onscreen credits? I think they are not here anymore. I'm so sad that they're all gone. Now what shall we do instead? I cannot wait!Edit

SAM-05654 SAM 66544 SAM-30404 SAM-45432 Edit

" Wait, isn't there a problem with that situation? Well, we better fix it first though. So could that be okay? " Edit
- Um, yup we sure do. Edit
- All right! Let's get going. Edit
Jasper Miami, Kampala, and Unganda 2007 The Sun of Empire 2003 The Madre Commucted 2003 Evelator 2004 Edit
  • DTS (DTS Digital Sound)
DTS Miss Congeniality
DTS Man Of The House

Man Of The House

DTS Stuart Little 2

Stuart Little Two

"Man Of The House (1993)"
October 2014 029

"Unknown movie"

DTS Christmas With The Kranks


DTS Rango
DTS Babe Reissue
Man of the House
DTS Over The Hedge
DTS March of the Penguins

March Of D' Penguins

DTS Good Boy!
DTS Are We There Yet-
DTS All Dogs Go To Heaven 2
DTS Babe Reissue
DTS Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

CATCF (2005). One of my favourites ever because I WANT IT NOW!!

DTS ChubbChubbs
DTS Remember the Titans
DTS The Interpreter
DTS Hoodwinked
DTS The Tigger Movie

Tiger Movie

"Stuart Little Two"

Christmas With The Cranks

March of the Penguins