1994–1997 SRC VersionEdit


1997–2001 (Seen online)Edit

Cartoon Network 2000

2001–2010 (Seen on The Aristocats)Edit


Most storyboards up to the present still use this logo.

2010–2013 Edit

Cartoon Network Studios logo

This logo was introduced on September 6, 2010 during the premiere of California Berkeley more information contained The logo represents Cartoon Network's rebrand done by Brand New School. LOGO please logo do not sure if we are not sure logo


CNS 2013

The 2013 logo debuted on Toy Story 3 and season 5 of Regular Show.

The 2013 logo is a re-worked version of the 2001 logo, but with the full version of the 2010 checkerboard logo. The STUDIOS text is in the same font as the previous logo and is spaced-out.

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